“Above and Beyond The Range of Most Mortal Men”

Brenda Nelson-Strauss of Black Grooves wrote ” Featuring a mix of classic and contemporary songs, Just a Mortal Man has broad appeal, effortlessly crossing genres but with a definite Nashville sound. The album is a fine showcase for Lawson’s vocal abilities, which after 40 years are still above and beyond the range of most mortal men”  Full Review Here

#The Jerry Lawson Legacy Project

The Jerry Lawson Legacy project explores the history of Jerry Lawson and the legendary Persuasions in chronological order as explained in candid biographical commentary by Jerry and special guest host and Persuasions aficionado Julie Lawson. It is being produced by Lawson Productions and Drew Verbis. Jerry is being recorded and filmed going through his entire catalog chronologically. That’s 25 plus albums and individual projects including collaborations with other artists. Drew also created and hosts Blues America and the Lawsons have given Drew exclusive broadcasting rights. We hope you will take a moment and like Drew’s Facebook page and leave a comment. Jerry and Drew would enjoy hearing from you.

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“Mortal Man, Just A Gorgeous Record”

Sam Gazdziak  of Country Universe  wrote ” The album is a soul record, though there are more than enough elements to make it fit comfortably in the country music world, or at least within the endearingly fuzzy borders of Americana. Just a Mortal Man is one of the year’s best releases. On a quieter song like Paul Simon’s “Peace Like a River” Lawson’s voice dips down to a murmur, adding vocal nuances to the lyrics the way a master painter works a canvas.

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John Semper Jr. of Experience Talks

Host John Semper Jr. of Experience Talks speaks with Jerry: You Can Listen Here John is an Emmy-nominated writer, story-editor, and producer with thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry, focusing primarily on animation and children’s television. His many credits include producer/story editor/writer of the Fox animated TV series, “Spider-Man,” and the PBS animated pre-school series, “Jay Jay the Jet Plane;” writer of the English language scripts for the Hayao Miyazaki feature films, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Laputa: Castle in the Sky;” and writer of the Warner Bros. live-action feature film, “Class Act.”

Just a Mortal Man in Deep Roots Magazine

Just a Mortal Man is a master class in basic human emotions in all their complexity and inscrutability. With The Persuasions, Jerry Lawson made many great recordings, but Just a Mortal Man is his finest hour… a great stylist with an infallible instinct for the essence of every song he sings.” – David McGee, Deep Roots Magazine.

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Praise for Lawson’s ‘Just a Mortal Man’

The reviews are rolling in – here are a few of our favorites. Click to visit the publication/read more!

“One of the best albums of 2015.” – Rich Kienzle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Music Podcast
“Lawson calls Sam Cooke, Brook Benton, Bobby “Blue” Bland, and David Ruffin his heroes, but one listen to this album and you’ll hear why Lawson stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them, often transcending musically the achievements of his heroes.” – Henry Carrigan, No Depression
“Jerry Lawson is one of the most under-appreciated singers in soul music today…” – The Funk & Soul Revue
Just a Mortal Man is a joyous surprise.” – Americana Music News
Just a Mortal Man was worth waiting for.” – Green Man Review
“A master at work…Lawson’s voice still rings with power and conviction. A first-rate effort.” – Hermon Joyner, The Mandolin Player
“Lawson is effortlessly captivating.” – Robert Oermann, Music Row DISClaimer
“Just plain excellent.” – Peter Bates, Audiophile Audition
Just a Mortal Man serves as a reminder of the power of [Lawson’s] vocal artistry.” – Icon Magazine
“Soulful and entertaining.” – St. Croix Source
“All the music in the world can’t outshine Lawson’s richly soulful voice…Lawson’s dream album is a hit.” – Newberry Magazine
“It’s loaded with heart and soul, making a sum total of killer adult pop.” – Midwest Record

Video Premiere: “Never Been to Memphis”

A note from Jerry about the song: “It’s rockin’! ‘Never Been to Memphis’ is my first country song with a band. I really get a kick out of it. I love the energy of it. I love the story it tells and I can’t wait to perform it live and see the audience reaction. Alan Brace really put his heart into writing it and I hope my delivery gives it the feeling Alan intended.”