John Semper Jr. of Experience Talks

Host John Semper Jr. of Experience Talks speaks with Jerry: Scroll Down to July 12th. You Can Listen Here and for more wonderful interviews by John Semper Jr. here is the home page of Experience Talks, a radio magazine for the experienced listener. John is an Emmy-nominated writer, story-editor, and producer with thirty years of Experience in the entertainment industry, focusing primarily on animation and children’s television. His many credits include producer/story editor/writer of the Fox animated TV series, “Spider-Man,” and the PBS animated pre-school series, “Jay Jay the Jet Plane;” writer of the English language scripts for the Hayao Miyazaki feature films, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Laputa:Castle in the Sky;” and writer of the Warner Bros. live-action feature film, “Class Act.” John has a B.A. from Harvard University

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