July 2014

Category: Jerry Gets New Knees!


June 30, 2014

Jerry has finally decided to have the double knee surgery. If you saw him on the Sing Off you saw that he was either with a cane or not able to move  very well while singing. He's a natural dancer so it was really awkward for him. So many  fans were concerned and wondering what was wrong. So next time you see him he'll be gliding across the stage! We are all so happy for him.

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July 9, 2014


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Jerry Lawson


Jerry Cane 2Welcome. We hope you will enjoy your time here exploring and learning about Jerry’s lifetime of contributions to music history. The Rabbit Hole tab will take you to many more Jerry gems.

After 40 years and 22 albums Jerry Lawson, original lead singer, arranger and producer of the legendary A Cappella group, The Persuasions, has moved on. The man who led the celebrated quintet—and recorded and toured with numerous artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Liza Minnelli, Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa–is heading in many new directions.   “I left the Persuasions in order to perform and record the tunes I love which work best with instruments. I’m singing Jazz Standards, traditional Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Country and many beautiful songs that deserve nothing less than a full orchestra.”

Anyone who has been privileged to experience The Persuasions knows that their signature sound was defined by Lawson’s sweet and smoky baritone. As music writer Rip Rense put it, “By any fair measure, Lawson is really one of the best singers of the last fifty years—up there with Sam Cooke, David Ruffin, Brook Benton, Jerry Butler, Roy Hamilton & Nat King Cole.” Lawson is also responsible for the brilliant vocal arrangements on all 22 albums with The Persuasions. The last five of his highly original albums found acclaim from People Magazine to the Los Angeles Times.

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