Live At McCabe’s

Released: November 3, 2009
Length: 1 hour 9 minutes


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The Persuasions: Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop.

Santa Monica, California. Feb. 22-23, 1998.

Jerry Lawson, Jimmy Hayes, "Sweet Joe" Russell, Jayotis Washington, B.J. Jones, Raymond Sanders.

19 wonderful songs! Five have never appeared on a Persuasions release before, including Livingston and Evans’ “Mona Lisa,” and the hymn, “Peace in the Valley.” Over 70 minutes of music and joy. Fold-out eco-wallet, photo spread, booklet. The Persuasions' only live nightclub album. Authorized and approved by The Persuasions. Sam Cooke, Frank Zappa, Nat King Cole, Kurt Weill, The Mills Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys, Elvis, Bobby Bare, The Partridge Family, many more. . . Persuasionized.

“I listened to the album last night. It's beautiful," said Lawson. "What a wonderful tribute to The Persuasions and the time I spent with The Persuasions. The years I was in The Persuasions are very special to me, and I'll always hold them near to my heart. The Persuasions should be very, very proud of this album. . .We came out smokin'!"