“Above and Beyond The Range of Most Mortal Men”

Brenda Nelson-Strauss of Black Grooves wrote ” Featuring a mix of classic and contemporary songs, Just a Mortal Man has broad appeal, effortlessly crossing genres but with a definite Nashville sound. The album is a fine showcase for Lawson’s vocal abilities, which after 40 years are still above and beyond the range of most mortal men”  Full Review Here

#The Jerry Lawson Legacy Project

The Jerry Lawson Legacy project explores the history of Jerry Lawson and the legendary Persuasions in chronological order as explained in candid biographical commentary by Jerry and special guest host and Persuasions aficionado Julie Lawson. It is being produced by Lawson Productions and Drew Verbis. Jerry is being recorded and filmed going through his entire catalog chronologically. That’s 25 plus albums and individual projects including collaborations with other artists. Drew also created and hosts Blues America and the Lawsons have given Drew exclusive broadcasting rights. We hope you will take a moment and like Drew’s Facebook page and leave a comment. Jerry and Drew would enjoy hearing from you.

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