Video Premiere!

“I’ll Come Running Back to You” (Live with Eric Brace & Peter Cooper)

A note from producer Eric Brace about the video:

“We were nearly done with the album when we went into Joe Pisapia’s East Nashville studio with The McCrary Sisters to capture their beautiful voices on five of the songs on Just a Mortal Man. Jerry had flown in from Phoenix to help arrange their stunningly layered parts. He was thrilled to work with the sisters, because they’re the daughters of the Rev. Sam McCrary, founder of the legendary Fairfield Four, who had influenced Jerry so much in his early years. The session was a joy, and after Ann, Deborah, Regina, and Freda had done what they do so well, and said their goodbyes, Jerry and I were in the studio talking. I grabbed one of Joe’s guitars and started strumming a song that Jerry and I have performed together before, “I’ll Come Running Back to You,” done originally by the great Sam Cooke, another huge influence on Jerry. He started singing it, and I asked Joe if he could just “roll tape” for a couple of minutes while we positioned ourselves around the microphone. I shouted for my friend Peter Cooper to come out of the control room and into the studio and face the mic. Jerry jumped in, and nailed it. We were lucky that Stacie Huckeba, our videographer was still rolling, and caught it all. We all loved the results so much that we put this impromptu performance on Just a Mortal Man, putting it at the very end, literally the last thing we recorded for the album — one mic, one guitar, and one astonishing lead vocalist, Jerry Lawson.”

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